Scripts from OpenRefine

Learning Objectives

  • Show how OpenRefine generates JSON code
  • Save JSON code from an analysis
  • Use saved JSON code to repeat an analysis



  • Refine saves every change, every edit you make to the dataset in a file you can save on your machine.
  • If you had 20 files to clean, and they all had the same type of errors, and all files had the same columns, you could save the script, open a new file to clean, paste in the script and run it. Voila, clean data.
  • In the Undo / Redo tab, click Extract, save the bits desired using the check boxes.
  • Copy the code and paste it into a text editor. Save it as a .txt file.

To run these steps on a new dataset

  • import the new dataset into Refine
  • open the Undo / Redo section and click Apply
  • paste your script and click Perform Operations

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