Journal articles

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Book chapters

Christoforou A., Mulvey C., Breckels LM., Gatto L. and Lilley KS. Spatial Proteomics: Practical Considerations for Data Acquisition and Analysis in Protein Subcellular Localisation Studies in Quantitative Proteomics, 185-210, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014.

Breckels LM, Gibb S, Petyuk V and Gatto L R for Proteomics in Proteome Informatics, The Royal Society of Chemistry, November 2016.

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Selected posters

Laurent Gatto, Lisa M. Breckels, Thomas Naake, Samuel Wieczorek, Thomas Burger and Kathryn S. Lilley A state-of-the-art machine learning pipeline for the analysis of spatial proteomics data 5 - 8 October 2014, Madrid, HUPO meeting.

Sebastian Gibb, Lisa M Breckels, Thomas Lin Pedersen, Vladislav A Petyuk, Kathryn S Lilley and Laurent Gatto A current perspective on using R and Bioconductor for proteomics data analysis 5 - 8 October 2014, Madrid, HUPO meeting.

Lisa Breckels, Sean Holden, Kathryn Lilley, Laurent Gatto A transfer learning framework for organelle proteomics data European Conference on Computational Biology 2014, 7 - 10 Sep 2014.