The lab

Note This page needs an update. I am now an associate professor of Bioinformatics at the UCLouvain, where I run a research group in bioinformatics and computational biology and teach at the faculty of pharmacy and biomedical sciences (FASB).

The Computational Proteomics Unit was set up in August 2013 and is part of the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics. Its main activities centre around the sound analysis of proteomics data and integration of different sources of heterogeneous data. We work in close collaboration with biologists to tackle biologically challenging questions using statistics and machine learning to understand the data and uncover biologically relevant patterns. The development and publication of scientific software (1, 2) is an integral part of our work and is reflected by our contributions to the Bioconductor project.

Keywords: data analysis, experimental design, statistics, programming, R, scientific software, machine learning, reproducible research, proteomics.

Open Science and Reproducible Research

We are committed to the open, transparent and rigorous practice of scientific enquiry. In particular, we make every possible effort to make our research repeatable, reproducible and replicable, in the hope that it can be re-used and improved upon by as many as possible. Concomitantly, we release all our software and data under open permissible licences. Finally, we will also ensure that our research (such as, but not limited to journals articles, presentations, and book chapters) is published under open access licences to allow everybody to freely read, re-use and mine it.

Good practice

Software engineering and programming are an important aspect of our work. We hence try to adopt common good practice and coding style.

See the wiki for some useful links.

Code of Conduct

The lab is dedicated to providing a welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone, and we expect cooperation from all members to help ensuring a safe environment for everybody. See the Code of conduct page for a longer version.


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