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On cats, farts and parrots.

10 minute read

I was invited to contribute to a seminar/discussion on AI, and using language models in research. These are the notes I prepared my short presentation. I am ...

The Grid poster, in R

3 minute read

The MuseeL is the UCLouvain University museum in Louvain-la-Neuve. Highly recommended. It’s located to the lively place des sciences, in a nice brutalist sty...

Podcasts du LLL: repensons l’évaluation

1 minute read

Une fois n’est pas coutume, un billet en français, pour attirer votre attention sur les podcasts du LLL. Le LLL, ou Louvain Learning Lab accompagne tous les ...


CBIO’s EuroBioc2023 posters and talks

13 minute read

Long overdue now, but here are the CBIO lab’s contributions to the EuroBioc2023 conference that was organised on Ghent, on the 20 - 22 September 2023.

One-minute introduction

1 minute read

Every now and then, there’s a situation where I need to briefly introduce myself, academically. This can be with or without any visual support (i.e a slide)....


First ungrading assessment

7 minute read

Here’s the initial assessment of the new ungrading and feedback pedagogy that the TAs and myself have implemented this academic year (2022-2023). In a nutshe...

Ungrading my teaching

15 minute read

I have been extremely lucky to participate in a Carpentries instructor training as an early career researcher. By then, I had only taught a few workshops, an...

Notes on software licenses

3 minute read

This post was motivated by the preparation of a the CytoPipeline package and the following question about software licenses. The CytoPipeline package is deve...

Tribute to my first running watch

1 minute read

I have recently acquired a new running watch and wanted to give a little tribute to my TomTom runner watch that has accompanied my for just over 6 years and ...

These shoes are made for running

4 minute read

I’ve recently reached my 6 years running anniversary. My first recorded run was on the 10 February 2016, a decent 5 km run, starting from the wonderful Centr...


New feature: annotated chromatograms

4 minute read

Today, I’m going to introduce a recent feature from the Spectra package, namely annotated chromatograms. I’ll start by showing the result and them explain ho...

How to succeed in my exam

6 minute read

This short post describes how to succeed and how to fail in answering a typical exam question in one of my bachelor courses. I even believe it is applicable ...


So you want credit for your peer reviews?

1 minute read

Of course, it is only fair to get credit for the time and efforts researchers invest in reviewing their peers’ work. Especially so for early career researche...

MSnbase contributors 2010 - 2020

less than 1 minute read

I wrote the first MSnbase contributions post on the 27 November 2016 (udpated on the 4 January 2018), exactly 1247 day (3 years and 5 months) ago. It is time...


Notes on interview questions

14 minute read

When it comes to interviews, I find it an extremely important to prepare a set of questions to identify what the overall message to pass across should be. An...

A gentle introduction to git and Github

10 minute read

Git is a command line-based distributed version control system. Version control system means that its goal is to track and record every change in a set of te...



A discussion about Open Access

3 minute read

Last week, Richard Poynder (@RickyPo on Twitter) organised an informal get together around open access (OA), that was attended by researchers, publishers and...

I won’t be Bullied Into Bad Science!

6 minute read

This is the content of my talk at OpenConCam, the OpenCon satellite meeting in Cambridge, presented on the 16 November 2017. The slides are available here.

September data champions meeting

5 minute read

The Data Champions Initiative was set up as a way to promote best practice in terms of data management within the University departments and institutes, and ...

Supporting those that support Open Research

6 minute read

The Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) is the main structure that focuses on all matters related to open research at the University of Cambridge. It sta...

Research outputs management plans

1 minute read

During the talk about early career researchers’ view on modern and open scholarship I presented at the Research Data Management Forum 2017 in London, I descr...

Open science and open science

3 minute read

A recent discussion on twitter about Open Sciences made me think about how Open Science can be intimidating, alienating and unwelcoming at times.

Open Research Project, first thoughts

6 minute read

I am proud to be one of the participants in the Wellcome Trust Open Research Project (and here). The call was initially opened in December 2016 and was pitch...


MSnbase contributors 2010 - 2016 2017

4 minute read

MSnbase (or here on GitHub) (Gatto and Lilley, 2010) is one of my main software projects. I started working on the package when I moved to Cambridge in 2010....

Some brief advice on data analysis

3 minute read

Following up from the Quantitative Proteomics and Data Analysis course, where in animated a discussion table about Inspection, visualisation and analysis of ...


The Fibonacci Sequence

4 minute read

Here’s another post inspired by some python code, this time about the Fibonacci sequence by Stuart Mumford.

Authorship, trust and open science

4 minute read

The publish or perish crisis has led to a situation where, quite understandably, being named on a paper is more important than the actual contribution. As a ...

The steep learning curve

2 minute read

TL;DR The bloody steep learning curve is just a silly excuse and will only result in keeping [computer|programming|stats|…] literacy low in life sciences. St...

Open data info session

2 minute read

Earlier today, I attended an information session about Open Data presented by Marta Teperek from the Research data management team (@CamOpenData) at the Univ...

Git Svn

2 minute read

From my old Git(hub) notes…